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WC Set (Peanut Turn)

WC Set (T Bar Turn)

Hygiene Handles 

Thumb Turn - WC Set

Toilet Brush 

Brush Brush
Thumbe Turn - WC Set
Hygiene Handles.tif

Toilet Roll Holders

Toilet Roll Holder

Spare Toilet Roll Holders

Spair Toilet Roll Holder

Paper Towel Dispenser

Towle Dispencer

Wall Fixing Bin 

Stainless Steel Bin

Ambulant Toilet Door Pull Handle with Stops

Pole Handle - Pull Handle

Ambulant Toilet Door Pull Handle 


Ceiling Stop

White Head Stop - Door Stop

Buffered Coat Hook

Buffered Coat Hook on Heavy Duty Rose

Skirting Stop

Coat Hook

Mushroom Coat Hook

Coat Hook 2 .jpg
Mushroom Coat Hook Stainless steel 2.jpg

32mm Diameter Grab Rails

Grab Rail Stainless Steel

Surface Mounted WC Set

Sureface Mounted Bolt - WC Set
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