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76mm dia x 2mm. 

Our acid etched stainless steel discs are filled with stove enamel paint to ensure long life. All the discs below can be manufactured without fixing holes for self adhesive application - to special order.

Fire Door Keep Shut Disc
Automatic Fire Door Keep Clear Disc
Fire Door Keep Locked Disc
Fire Escape Keep Clear Disc
Male Toilet Sign
Female Toilet Sign
Unisex Toilet Sign
No Smoking Sign
Pull Sign
Cleaners Cupboard Sign
Telephone Sign
Dry Riser Sign
Disabled Toilet Sign
Baby Change Sign
Push Sign
Shower Sign

An example of how the discs can be manufactured without any fixing holes for self adhesive application - to special order.

Disc In Plate

Lollipop stick signage for leading door edge

fixing (please check with your Fire Offices for approval) 

Fire Door Keep Shut Sign

Kick Plates - Push Plates:

Kick Plates

Stainless steel, aluminium and brass kick plates are all cut to order and can be either drilled and countersunk for fixing or un-drilled for adhesive application by others.

All plates can be pieced with holes for signage and/or cylinder.
Please contact Trapex on 01992 462150 or for further details and prices.

1.5mm as standard

1mm, 1.2mm, 2mm, 2.5mm and 3mm to special order

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